5 Best men hair moisturizers

These products are universal and will work on any hair type

Paul Mitchell’s Tea Tree Moisturizer

This moisturizer is great for all hair types and you can even use it as a body moisturizer as well. Truly one of a kind where you can apply all over.

Mimosa Hair Honey

Mimosa Hair Honey is a great pomade that will give your hair that shine to really stand out in your appearance. Not only will it control frizz, condition the hair, and moisturize it; this is a great go-to after you apply your hair with Paul’s Mitchell’s Tea Tree.

GIBS Grooming Con Man Hair & Beard Pudding

GIBS Grooming Con Man Hair & Bread Pudding feels just like pudding. It smells great, does wonderful things for your bread game, and gives your overall hair and facial justice. Never leave the house with dry hair again and with some added benefits of hair growth; this is something to have in your cabinet.

Ancient Greek Remedy Oil

Ancient Greek Remedy Oil is the perfect moisturizer for people who suffer from dry skin, face, hair, and nails. This is a special oil where you can apply to all over your body to give it that shine and hydrated feel. The great thing about this oil is not only can men use it, but anyone can; making it the perfect gift.

Garden of Life Raw Coconut Oil

Last but not least, is the Garden of Life Raw Coconut Oil. You can never go wrong with using this oil for any occasion. You can cook it with food, use it in your hair, skin, face, and a replacement for WD40 if you work with rusty parts. It’s the King of Oils.

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